ONDA (Castellón)

SATURDAY, APRIL 22nd, 2023

Article 1.- The cyclosportive event III Marcha Ciclo-deportiva DESAFIO 10 PICOS SIERRA ESPADÁN, organized by Cycling Club DEMARRAGE VALENCIA, will be held on 22/04/2023, with departure (starting from 7:30) and arrival zone located at la Calle Herminia Landerer, no 60 de Onda (Castellón), in front of Museu del Taulell Manolo Safont. This event is open to all cyclists of the age of 18 or over, and cyclists with the age 16 and 17 can participate with a written authorization of the parent/tutor.

Article 2.- The “III Marcha Ciclo-deportiva DESAFIO 10 PICOS SIERRA ESPADÁN” is a cyclosportive event that follows the ninth article of the “Cycling for Everyone-Touring” regulations established by the R.F.E.C. (Royal Spanish Cycling Federation), within the framework of a cycling speciality which considers this sport as physical exercise. The event will be subject to the provisions made in Articles 15 and of annexe II of Royal Decree 1428/2003, of the 21st of November, in which the General Rules and Regulations for Traffic for the application and development of the text of the Traffic Law for the circulation of motor vehicles and highway safety, approved by the Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990, of the 2nd March, is endorsed.

Article 3.- Registration and participation costs

Registration will be opened with a LOYALTY PROMOTION option, available for a limited time from 13th to 23rd of May (2022). Loyalty promotion will only pe applicable to those registered in any of the two previous editions.

* LOYALTY PROMOTION only applicable to those registered in any of the two previous editions.


In order to obtain the official event Jersey, of the brand GOBIK, you have to register before March 10th. All registrations made after this date will not be guaranteed with the requested size of the official jersey.

CHANGE OF PARTICIPATION REGISTRATION: You can transfer the participation registration to another person up to 10 days before the start of the event. When the participation details are changed the size of the event jersey remains unchanged, especially if the change is made less than 1 month before the start of the event. Shall you change the participation details a charge of 3€ will be applied, to cover the administrative cost on changing the name of the participant.

DATA MODIFICATION: Registration data, except name, surname and ID, can be modified until March 10th, 2023 (23:59 hours) without any additional charge. Modifications can be done in the “Area privada” through the registration platform. Start box time or distance of the route changes processed after March 10th, 2023, will be made at the time of collecting the bib number, as long as the capacity of the start box it allows. All the changes from March 10th 2023 onwards will have an additional cost of 3€.

CANCELLATION INSURANCE: The cancellation insurance is made optionally available by the organization to all participants, is a Europ Assitance insurance that will reimburse 100% of the amount paid for the registration (except the insurance and administrative platform management expenses of 1,50€), provided that one of the 28 reasons contemplated is fulfilled. The detailed list can be found in here:

You are eligible to use this form from the moment of registration until up to 48h before the event starts. The participant must send an email to and adding the organization in copy to the email, the proof of registration and a document where a professional or competent entity, depending of the nature of the reason, justify non-attendance to the event. 

In the subject/body of the email, the participant must identify their DNI/passport number, Registration ID, full name and the stating that the event in question is ‘Desafío 10 Picos Sierra de Espadán 2023’. All previously mentioned documents shall be attached to the email.

Registrations are only to be made through the website Registrations outside the established deadlines will not be
accepted. Additional information is available on the website or can be received by emailing


Article 4.- Official jersey:
Wearing the official jersey of the ‘Desafío 10 Picos Sierra Espadán’ is MANDATORY for all participants. This being an additional security and control element for all auxiliary personnel involved in the event, in order to be able to identify at all times who are or are not participants of the event. Without the jersey it will not be possible to access the start area of the event or to appear in the list of the participants. Nor will these cyclists be attended by the services made available by the organization, including mechanical assistance, volunteers, the solid and/or liquid stations along the route, etc.

Article 5.- Collecting the bib numbers:
The bib numbers are to be collected during the established collecting hours on Friday 21st of April, and/or Saturday 22nd of April, before the start of the event. When the date approaches, the organization will inform you of the place and times of collection.

In order to acquire the bib number, it is OBLIGATORY to present the DNI or R.F.E.C or F.C.C.V cycling license and the DNI for cyclist who do not have the cycling licence. The participation bib numbers are personal and non-transferable items and therefore under any circumstances are to be used by anyone else except the person registered.

As required by Federación de Ciclismo de la Comunidad Valenciana, all the participants who do not present their cycling license while collecting the bib numbers will need to pay a mandatory one-day accident and civil liability insurance that the organization has contracted for a value of 10€. This one-day license covers accidental situations that take place during the event day from the start time until the finish time of the event.

Article 6.– The time control will be carried out electronically through the use of a chip, which is attached to the bib number or frame number. The time control system has demonstrated its total reliability. Participants who do not have a control pass at all points will automatically be considered as NOT CLASSIFIED. Control points being:

• Start area with the established start times.
• Finish area.
• Other time control points that are located along the route.Article.

The time control chip is attached to the bib number. Both the bib number and the chip are personal and non-transferable items. The person registered may only be allowed to participate with the bib number that she/he has been assigned and agrees not to allow other people to use it. Claims for loss of the chip or wrong placements of the chip, will not be accepted. The participants with electrical bike will be given a bib number without a chip and their time will not be recorded.

Article 7.- The route of the ‘III Marcha Ciclo-deportiva DESAFÍO 10 PICOS SIERRA ESPADÁN’ is 138.2 Km (long distance), and 79.8 Km (short distance). Each participant needs to choose one of these two routes during the registration process. More information of the route details together with the time schedule and profile can be found

The organization will provide 4 solid and/or liquid stations along the long route as follows:
4. Km 112: MATET

The organization will provide 2 solid and/or liquid stations along the long route as follows:
2. Km 54: MATET
LUNCH: After crossing the finish line in Onda a lunch is served for all the participants.

During the event the organization has at its disposal at all times healthcare, mechanical support and support vehicles, as well as ambulances with doctors and medical staff (ATS).

Article 8.- Start box times.
The start of the event will be given at two different occasions, start box time being the reference for each start. While doing the registration the cyclist should choose one of the start boxes, by choosing the start time most appropriate, depending on their fitness at the time of the event. This to choose a start box with other cyclists at the same fitness level. The cyclists choosing the short distance route will be automatically signed for the start box
two. In the event that a cyclist advances the route in an average higher speed than according to the time in relevance start box chosen, he/she may be slowed down by the organization.

START BOX 1: For the cyclist with lower average speed. Cyclist must be ready at the start line at 7:20h the latest, in order to make the start al 7:30h. Cyclist with average speeds of 20km/h to 26 km/h will start from this box.    

START BOX 2: This box is for the cyclist with higher average speed. Cyclist must be ready at the start line at 7:50h the latest, in order to make the start al 8:00h. Cyclist with average speeds of 27km/h to 33km/h will start from this box. All the cyclist who have registered for the short route of the event will start from this box*

*If needed the Organization reserves the rights to modify the start box times of the short distance route in order to follow the instructions of the competent authorities.

Start box and event route changes (from short to long or vice versa) that are requested by the participant after April 3rd, 2023 shall be done at the time of collecting the bib number. The Organization will proceed with the changes as long as there is space available at the requested start box. These changes will have an administrative cost of 3€.

Article 9.-Time control and chrono: The green flag and the vehicle identifying the end of the event along the route is identified by Civil Traffic Guard agents. This vehicle will circulate at the maximum time allowed along the route or shortening the allowed time if they consider it is necessary for the traffic safety. Any participant who is overtaken by this vehicle will be left out of the security capsule. The participant/s can continue cycling along the route obeying and respecting the traffic regulations as one more user of the road. From the moment the green flag has vehicle has overtaken the participant, the traffic will be completely open to its usual circulation. The event route has two sections open to traffic at all times. These sections are duly signposted for cyclist safety. In these sections the cyclist must exercise extreme caution and, as during the rest of the event route, carefully respect the traffic regulations. The event will be concluded at 15:30 hours, by closing the finish line.

Article 10.- The »III Marcha Ciclo-deportiva 10 PICOS SIERRA ESPADÁN» is a non-competitive cycling event.

The only vehicles that are allowed to follow the event peloton are the ones of the organization which are carrying proper signage.


Article 11.- The rules for the participants:

– The participant agrees to respect the traffic rules and regulations.

– It is obligatory to wear an approved bicycle helmet.

– It is obigatory to wear the commemorative event jersey at the start.

–  All participants must carry the bib number together with the integrated chip during the entire route on the front of the bicycle (handlebar), clearly visible, without being folded neither covering or modifying the publicity.

– Anyone who does not meet these conditions will be considered NOT participant in the event. 

– Each participant is responsible for any violation of the traffic rules and regulations.

– Taking part in the event is under the responsability and own risk of the participant. In this sense, the participant at the time of registration and participation, declares to be physically fit for the event.

All participants, by registering to the event, declare to acknowledge and accept these Regulations and the Disclaimer of Responsibilities and Data Protection. In case of doubt, the criteria of the Organization will prevail. By proceeding with the registration, the participants sign the following declaration:

“I take part to this event in a completely voluntarily manner and I consciously acknowledge to know how demanding this route is, taking into account the distance and elevation differences. I therefore declare having sufficient technical knowledge, experience and that I am physically and psychologically capable to face the characteristics of this event route. 

I declare that at the time of registration and participation, I will be physically fit enough to take part in this event in “III Marcha Ciclo-deportiva DESAFIO 10 PICOS SIERRA ESPADÁN”, having the total certainty of being physically and psychologically fit, and having passed the pertinent medical check-ups, ruling out any disease, pathology, injury, or any other health problem that would advise against my participation. 

In the event that at the time of celebrating the cyclosportive event there have been any change in my state of health, and especially if I manifest any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19, I declare not taking part to this event. Likewise, I accept that I must comply with the requirements that the organization imposes in relation to COVID-19.

During the event I will contribute as much as possible with the Organization, to avoid personal accidents and I will maintain proper behaviour, not endangering my health, or that of other people. I accept to comply with the regulations set forth in the REGULATIONS of the “III Marcha Ciclo-deportiva DESAFIO 10 PICOS SIERRA ESPADÁN”, safety protocols and indications established by the Organization. 

I accept and acknowledge being aware that at the current situation has an objective risk of COVID-19 contagion, with consequences that this could derive for health problems for me, that could even cause death. Taking into account all of the above, I exempt the Organization, sponsors and/or other participation institutions from all liabilities in the event of any accident, health problem or injury that may be suffered before, during and/or after the event. Participating to this event I renounce on any legal actions against of any earlier mentioned entities. 

The organization is in no way responsible for any damage that may be caused to third parties or property by any participant of the cyclosportive evet »III Marcha Ciclo-deportiva DESAFÍO 10 PICOS SIERRA ESPADÁN» due to the non-compliance of the Road Safety law and its regulations or imprudence by the participant.

Article 12.- The organization will provide mechanical assistance throughout the whole event/route, however without obligation to provide mechanical assistance to all the participants. In case of a breakdown, the manual assistance provided will be free of charge, however the participant will be charged on the spare parts used. Only repairs that can be solved on route will be taken into account except for punctures. Each participant should bring their spare parts and be self-sufficient. The mechanical assistance of the organization is a courtesy service. 

Article 13.- C.C. DEMARRAGE VALENCIA reserves the right to exclude any participant of the event who, with their behaviour, endangers their physical integrity and that of the other participants, as well as being in breach of the Civil Code. It is strictly forbitten to litter or throw trash along the route. Environmental agents will monitor these aspects during the event and not obeying this rule is a direct reason for expulsion.

Article 14.- Only in case of a justified reason or due to force majeur the organization reserves the right to modify or cancel the itinerary, controls, schedules, food/liquid stations and even this Regulation. 

Article 15.– All the participants accept to obey the Road Safety Law and Regulations. Major part of the event route will be closed for traffic. Participants who will not obey the previously mentioned rules and regulations will be expelled from the event and subsequent editions. By event registration the participant assumes and acknowledge the risks in participating in an event that is open for traffic, and excludes the organization from liability for any incident or accident arising by participation to the event.

Article 16. – The organisation is in NO way liable for any accident of which the participant could either be the cause or the victim, and must be covered by its own insurance. Neither will it be jointly liable for the expenses or debts incurred by the participants during the event, nor for the loss or damage to bicycles or other equipment of the participants. The participant exempts the organisation from any responsibility of loss or damage of personal belongings due to any circumstance.

Article 17.- Image rights: The acceptance of these rules and regulations necessarily implies that the participant authorises the organisation of the cyclosportive event “III Marcha Ciclo-deportiva DESAFIO 10 PICOS SIERRA ESPADÁN” to the total or partial recording of his/hers participation to the event for promotion and broadcasting of the event in all media forms (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) and grants all the rights related to its commercial and advertising exploitation that are required, without the right of the participant to receive any financial compensation.

Article 18.- The Organization will not assume any responsibility if the event
is suspended or postponed due to force majeure.

Article 19.- Special recognition will be given to the following participants
| Cycling Club with most participants
| Cycling Club coming from the furthest distance (minimum 5 participants)
| The oldest cyclist (man and woman) participating
| The youngest cyclist (man and woman) participating
| The participant that travelled the furthest

Article 20.- All the participants that finish this cyclosportive event within the established time schedule set by the organization will obtain a commemorative diploma and medal, which will be delivered approximately one hour after the arrival of each participant. These items will not be mailed later on. The winner will receive the gift on the podium, since the Organization will not send them by mail afterwards. Likewise, while collecting the bib number all the participants will receive the corresponding participant bag that includes gifts that the Organization has gathered through sponsorship agreements agreed before the event, including the official jersey.

Article 21.- The participant of this event accepts these Regulations andagrees to its full compliance, and in case of a doubt or situation that is not reflected in this paper shall be reported to the Organization.

Article 22.– By registering for this event the participant accepts these regulations, and waive any rights against the organisers or any legal action that may derive from participating in this cyclosportive event.

IMPORTANT: The organization reserves the right to make any changes to these regulations if it deems so, and must communicate it on the web and in the information of the participants.